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  • 3 tonne Electro hydraulic scissor lift
  • Dual acting safety system (2 complete independent lifting systems for safety)
  • No air supply required
  • Absolute synchronisation every time
  • Separate consul for easy operation
  • 110mm low profile for easy access to drive over
  • Sill lifts with run up and run over ramps
  • Surface mounting scissor lift (no need to recess)
  • Low voltage operating system
  • Hydraulic safety circuit
  • 240V / 415 Volt option
  • Set of lifting rubber block for sill lifting
  • Nylotronic guide block for easy accent and decent
  • Fully CE approval

Lifting capacity 3000 Kg
Weight 900 Kg
Min height 110 mm
Max lifting height 1850 mm
Capacity of motor 2.2 KW
Electricity supply 240V / 415V option
Lifting time 50 Secs




  • 4 Tonne twin hydraulic 2 post lift
  • Low profile base plate not load bearing
  • Manual lowering lever for quick decent
  • Synchronising cables as standard
  • Top limit and safety switches fitted
  • Full CE approval
  • Manual release pulls for lift decent
  • Heavy duty hydraulic pump unit
  • Quality control box
  • Low voltage operating system
  • Hydraulic safety system in case of hydraulic hose burst
  • Safety cut out breakers internal to control box
  • Heavy duty arm configuration
  • Post covers for health and safety
  • Heavy duty arm locking mechanisms
  • Adjustable lifting pads
  • Height extensions as standard

Lifting capacity 4000 Kg
Weight 705 Kg
Max lifting height 1900 mm
Capacity of motor 2.2 KW
Electricity supply 240V / 415V option
Rated oil pressure 22 Mpa
Lifting time 50 Secs







Strong Carriage and Arm Structure Aluminum Motor 24V Control Box Height Adapter Round Screw-up Lifting Pad
















Semi Automatic Swing Arm -Professional 10″- 24″ Tyre Changer with ‘Jetblaster’ Tyre Inflating System


Power supply 240V (3 Phase available)
Max.wheel diameter 41″
Max.wheel width 14″
Outside clamping 10″ – 21″
Inside clamping 12″ – 24″
Air supply 8 bar
Bead breaker force 2500 Kg
Noise level
Package size 960 x 760 x 930 mm
Weight 187 kg



Please note equipment is available in a choice of red or blue

  • Swing Arm tyre changer
  • Compact unit can be mounted close to a wall
  • Heavy and durable in construction
  • Standard – Semi professional machine
  • Steel fitting head
  • Plastic protection kit supplied as standard (jaw clamping, fitting head insert and bead breaker bade)
  • 2500Kg of bead breaker pressure
  • Heavy duty bead breaker blade
  • Strong bead breaker arm
  • Fully integrated filter regulator lubricator for quality air supply
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Full length abutment pad for breaking the bead of the tyre
  • Integrated tyre inflater
  • Full jaw inflation (Enables the tyre to be inflated and bead sealed whilst being clamped on the turntable of the tyre changer) as standard
  • Heavy duty jaw clamp cylinders
  • 240V Electrical supply as standard (3phs optional extra available)
  • Maximum wheel diameter clamping 12″-24″ inside clamping
  • Maximum wheel diameter clamping 10″-21″ outside clamping






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