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Brake Tester Info

Although we specialise in reconditioned brake testers, we can also supply new and used from Commercial use to Class I & II. The Brake Testers range from:

  • the older electric hydraulic type

  • to the electronic type brake tester, which can come with hard wired handsets and forward and reverse operation

  • to the newer pc based brake testers, these come with an infra red remote handset, printer for full printouts, additional for some machines can be VOSA data base and Axle Weighing

Below is just an example of the Brake Testers we supply.  We source and supply a wide variety of makes and models of brake testers, please check our stocklist for brake testers we have.   As stock can change regularly please contact us if you can’t see what you are looking for.

Click here to view a selection of our current stocklist

Commercial Brake Testers

Commercial brake testers are suitable for testing Classes IV & VII as well as PSV’s/HVG’s. We deal in all ranges of commercial brake testers but specialise in Crypton so typically source, recondition and sell these. The models are most commonly are:

  • the Crypton EC30 and EB30s are the older electric hydraulic version for a budget brake tester.

  • we typically sell the Crypton 630 for the electronic version

For the newer PC based brake testers we can supply a range of models, including Crypton, Maha, Balco, Cartec, Hoffman

Class VII Brake Testers

Class VII brake testers are suitable for testing class IV, 5L as well as Class VII vehicles.

These brake testers are either the electronic brake testers normally with a handset or the newer PC based machines.

We typically deal in Crypton, Bradbury, Tecalemit, VLT

Class IV Brake Testers

These brake testers are for class IV vehicles and are either the older electric hydraulic, electronic or the newer PC based machines.

We typically have the following makes:

Electric Hydraulic Brake Testers – Kismet, Tecalemit

Electronic brake testers – the older machines are usually either the Crypton 660 or EJ19, the newer machines are Bradbury, VLT, Maha, Tecalemit

We can also supply brake testers for classes I & II, please contact us direct for further infomation.

Click here to view a selection of our current stocklist

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